is to help us live a more conscientious life, to shed long-set habits, and to help us realize the self in order to attain our dreams.

We connect traditions, organizations, and movements that work towards building a healthier world, beginning with the self, and resulting in the universal.

Along with Bosque Medicinal, we are investing in the construction of educational programs and infrastructure to reconnect with the rainforest. By seeing and directly experiencing these beautiful ecosystems, we help educate our societies of their importance and interconnectivity with our own lives.



Name: Petra Hlaváčková

Comes from: Czech republic

Experience:  Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in Guatemala, Vipassana Meditation in Costa Rica, Dietas with Shipibo family in Peru, Studied with Koguis/Mhuhysqa elders in Peru and Colombia. Living for 3 years in South and Central Ameriqua, studying and practicing Tao, Tantra and Pranayama teachings

Project involvement: Founder of the project Forest.Ink

Email: petra.tattoo1@gmail.com

Be in Love 

With the Planet
Connected with purpose
Dedicated to preserving Mother Nature
In Harmony with instinctive consciousness
that guides me day in and out

Name: Roman Kollar

Comes from: Czech republic

Experience: Five years living in Ecuador with his family, studying and working with plants in traditional medicine. Farmer and gardener.

Project involvement: Coordination of BosqueMedicinal project, Czech representative of Forest.ink in Ecuador.

Email: bosquemedicinal@gmail.com

Roman has spent years undergoing intensive training with the Shuar community, Asau.Miguel Chiriap, Don Luis Chiriap, Julio Tiwiram, German Nantipia, Don Pedro, Mira Jempe and many more people and plants are considered his guides during his journey of spiritual cleansing. He continues to practice spiritual healing, working closely with native plants, and traditional practices. Originally from the Czech Republic, he now resides in Vilcabamba, Ecuador where he runs Bosque Medicinal, a non-profit organization dedicated to conservation and education of the Amazon rainforests.

Read an interview with Roman Kollár


Name: Erik Liepmann
Comes from: Everywhere, a perpetual nomad of German and American-Chinese background.
Experience: Entrepreneur with a background in marketing, hospitality, and recording.

Project involvement: Co-Developer. Assists with development of Forest.ink, including its the digital presence. Representative of Bosque Medicinal in Europe.


Name: Barbora Trnková
Comes from: Czech republic
Experience: activist coordinator & event management in Animal Defenders CZ 

Project involvement: coordinator

Email: barbora.trnka@gmail.com


Name: Radim Ondříšek
Comes from: Czech Republic
Experience: coordinator, fundraiser, constructor, cooperation with academic
and research & development institutions, regress therapy, merkaba meditation, qi qong, prana vashya yoga

Project involvement: business development projects