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Curious how we see the world? What our perspectives and experiences might be? Here we share a few of our thoughts, stories, and experiences. Follow the links below to read more.

Environmental Topics

Issue 1 – The plastic paradigm we believe in (part 1)
Issue 2 – Kicking our plastic addiction (part 2)

Petra’s thoughts


Issue 1 – Listening to my intuition
Issue 2 – Surrendering to great guidance
Issue 3 – Accessing the energy of the highest love

Erik’s thoughts

Issue 1 – Where am i going?
Issue 2 – Valleys, mountainsides, and tiny buses

Radim’s thoughts

Issue 1 – Když zemřeš až na třetí pokus
Issue 1 – When you die for the third attempt
Issue 2 – OXLAHUN KIB – můj naguál
Issue 2 – OXLAHUM KIB – My nagual

Nicola’s thoughts

Issue 1 – Probuzení mého příběhu
Issue 1 – Awakening to my story


Nikola’s Thoughts

Issue 1 – Přírodní fascinaci
Issue 1 – Natural fascinations



A collection of photos taken during our journeys, or during events we attend.

Photobook 2018




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