Listening to my Intuition

By the end of last year Saturn’s return had smashed me pretty hard. Saturn is like a thorn in our body, an outside authority which comes to re-organize ourselves when we lack the authority within, if we are not on the right path. It kicked my ass. It kicked my ass and humbled me, so I could embrace my power and start working on my life’s mission. From then on, I have constantly asked the universe for guidance. What is it, what is my soul’s purpose? Why am I embodied here? With full trust, I followed my intuition, and it drove me towards the ancestral wisdom and precious teachings of nature. The following months I followed my intuition on a long journey through Latin and Central America.

October I organized along with Bosque Medicinal an expedition to Ecuador for supporters of Bosque Medicinal and’s conservation efforts.

December took me to a Vipassana meditation retreat in Costa Rica in beautiful food-forest community Fuente Verde.

January I was drawn to travel to the Andes to visit a curandera in Peru and receive the teachings of Mama Coca.

February I sailed by boat on the Amazon river to a Shipibo family near Pulcallpa, Peru. There I dieted with the master plants Aya and Bobisana.

March I returned to Ecuador.

In April I travelled to a Rainbow gathering in Colombia, organized on Crystal Rainbow land in mystical mountains. From there I moved on to the eco-community Atlantida to partake in a Sufi dance event for universal peace.

Slowly the pieces began to connect and make sense, vision of my mission was coming into focus. Travelling, learning, and absorbing ideas, all while following my intuition has let me collect the pieces of the mosaic.

Many times I received the message to focus on my life force, but how?



Listen and wait.


One powerful night, in a teepee in Ecuador, I was blessed with a vision from Aya Mama Ya. The vision was of the kundalini and tantric Golden Chain. The Golden Chain is a way of describing the energetic link that exists between a teacher, their teacher, their teacher’s teacher, and so on back into history. When a Kundalini yoga teacher teaches, the first thing they do is connect with the Golden Chain and invite wisdom in to teach through them.

The kundalini yoga classes I was taking at the time helped me tap into deep inner peace through breath, voice, and movement. This connection with the Infinite allowed me to further identify my passion.

Synchronicity brought me to Guatemala, to officially the most beautiful lake on Earth, a source of Mayan tradition. In the small city of San Marcos lives a precious community of light beings, a star family which I immediately fell in love with. I began with 3 days of Cacao fasting. I continued sharing my art, while connecting with Mayan traditions. Many workshops, ecstatic dances, Kirtans and Cacao Ceremonies inspired me. Some nights were spent on the balcony watching volcano eruptions while eating popcorn with my new special friends. During the full moon celebration a scorpion stung me for the first time, predicting a time of transformation.

Isolated by mountains and surrounded by volcanoes I started intense kundalini yoga teacher training. Here I felt more deeply the power of the creative force, kundalini energy. I could better understand the most powerful manifestation of energy in the universe, lying within us, waiting to be awoken. Kundalini yoga is a science that allows us to direct that energy, and to truly control this life force. When we unfold this extra capacity, we intuitively know not only how to live the life, but also how to fulfill the dream. To really master life, begin living in gratitude, as our passions, our access to the infinite is always there.


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