OXLAHUM KIB – My nagual

Recently I had a chance to again fulfil another dream and met with Wisdom of Naguals via Maestro Don Carlos – Mexican Maya, who came over  here to spent with us an excellent week at Lorien community.

We enjoyed magic moments of exercises, meditations, learning Maya tradition and 20 Naguals. All of that was peaked up by celebration of Maya New Year’s Eve, cocoa ceremony and purgative temazcal.

With extraordinary powerful energetic body I let myself to take a swing at Infinity (solo en espaňol)


Me entrego desnudo al viento
Para así poder fundirme con el sol
Ya me di al poder que mi destino rige
No me agarro ya a nada
Y así ya no tengo que defender
Ya no tengo pensamientos
Para así poder ver
No tengo temor a nada
Para así poder acordarme de mí
Sereno y desprendido
Me dejará el águila pasar a la libertad.


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