Where am I going?

My body feels heavy, and by all external accounts it looked to be around 6:30 am. The sun is still fresh, the shops around me generally closed, and a crowd waiting to greet loved ones carry thermoses of coffee. My internal clock registered closer to 11:30 pm, distorted by a 12-hour plane ride. The pack on my back is heavy, and I am unused to wearing it. I need to get to the bus station – my journey is only half-complete. Half complete, though, meant I had made it! I was in Ecuador, visiting Latin America for the first time in my life.

I traveled to Ecuador in April of 2018, following a strong call to visit. The non-profit that I work with, Bosque Medicinal, is based in Ecuador and I wanted to see our conservation projects first-hand: To experience, to touch, smell, and be with the rainforests that we are working to conserve. What I didn’t realize at the time was how powerful and transformative an experience this would be for me.

These stories will retroactively follow my journey as I become fascinated by giant spiders, fall in love with a tree, and discover self-development and growth along the way. Woven in, I’ll be sharing my thoughts and perspective on the environment and our impact on it. I’ll be commenting as well on how I see the strands connect between our modern, generally urban lives, and the beautiful world that we exist with.


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