Bosque Medicinal is about Life: the inspiration, respect, and education needed to support life. Through the ancient rainforests of Ecuador we can begin to understand the interconnectedness and importance of our local ecosystems, thereby better understanding ourselves and our shared world.

Bosque Medicinal aims to conserve, and raise awareness of, the rainforests biodiversity. Bosque Medicinal seeks to remind the public of the impact rainforests have on life around the planet. Through reforestation projects, we intend on simultaneously protecting the forests we have left, while seeding inspiration in children and adults to gently care for the forests and ecosystems of our planet. Bosque Medicinal has also partnered with the Universidad de Azuay to sponsor and facilitate research of the rainforest, and it’s customs.

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Currently Bosque Medicinal is focused on developing a structure in the rainforest to house researchers as they conduct their research. The small refugio will have dormitory space, a small kitchen, communal living spaces, and a class room. With a finished refugio, students and faculty will be able to experience the importance of the rainforests firsthand. Additionally, this space can be used for visiting students from abroad, or adventurous eco-tourists who would like to further contribute to this project. The ground has already been flattened and prepared for construction, in-line with ecologically friend building practices. recently hosted the First International Expedition to Ecuador, welcoming the community to experience the project first-hand.

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