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We host several events a year

Our events predominantly take place in the Czech Republic and in Ecuador, and are directed towards providing a space for personal healing, volunteering in service to our communities and nature, and reconnecting with our planet. We also occasionally host fund-raising events, and our booth can be found at friendly events hosted by other organizations from time to time.



Upcoming EVENTS

MerkÁdo Festival 2

Sept. 20 – Sept. 21 

Střelecký Ostrov

Prague, Czech REpublic

Vegefest – festival soběstatečnosti

Sept. 27 – Sept. 29

Vyšehrad – Staré purkrabství

Prague, Czech Republic

Volunteer in Ecuador! ~ Fall

Oct. 14 – Nov. 2

El Paraiso, amazon Rainforest

Gualaquiza, Ecuador

Volunteer in Ecuador! ~ Winter

Nov. 25 – Dec. 14

El Paraiso, amazon Rainforest

Gualaquiza, Ecuador


Vegefest – festival soběstatečnost

Our friends and partners at Sklenářka are hosting the 9th Vegefest in Prague. This is a 3-day event full of inspiring workshops, conferences, concerts, and other community building activities, all designed to inspire a healthy lifestyle. The proceeds of the event will be donated to our sister organization, Bosque Medicinal. We hope to see you there, and share in the beautiful Vege-festival!


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Volunteer in Ecuador

Four times a year we bring a small group of volunteers out to experience the Amazon rainforest, and to be part of the communities that live there. We volunteer for Bosque Medicinal, our sister NGO based in Ecuador, to help fulfill their mission of direct conservation, scientific investigation, and community education. Join us and revitalize yourself while caring for one of the most precious ecosystems on the planet.


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Previous EVENTS


Duchové a bytosti pralesa

Jul. 15 – 28 

Prostor 39

Prague, Czech REpublic

Zrcadlo OČÍ

Jul. 26 

Amazonia Cafe

Prague, Czech REpublic

Volunteer in Ecuador! ~ SPring!

May 27 – Jun. 15 

El Paraiso, amazon Rainforest

Gualaquiza, Ecuador

MerkÁdo Festival

May 30 – 31  


Prague, Czech REpublic

volání džungle II

May 14  

Amazonia Cafe

Prague, Czech REpublic

Velký psychedelický pátek

Apr. 19  

kostel sv. Anny 

Prague, Czech REpublic

Pravda, iluze a láska v životě člověka

Apr. 16  

Amazonia Cafe

Prague, Czech REpublic

volání džungle

Apr. 2  

Amazonia Cafe

Prague, Czech REpublic

Mantra ~ Sounds into silence

Mar. 14 

Prostor 39

Prague, Czech REpublic

Ovocný strom

Feb. 28 


Prague, Czech REpublic

Situation Update – Ecuador


Tři ocásci

Brno, Czech Republic

Prales je Život II

Jan. 7 

Amazonia Cafe

Prague, Czech REpublic


DuchovÉ a bytosti pralesa

Nikolka, our friend and official lawyer, spent 6 months in Ecuador, and made several treks into the rainforest. Inspired by all that she heard, felt, and perceived, she created beautiful paintings to be auctioned off for the benefit of and Bosque Medicinal. Her story is one of courage and beauty, as she inspires us to live beyond the limitations of our sight, being blind herself.


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zrcadlo oČÍ

Our friends at Amazonia Cafe hosted the Brazilian photographer, musician, and director Lui Cobra for his 1st European exhibition in a multi-disciplinary artistic evening. The exhibition entitled “Mirror of Eyes” will connect space with movement and sensory perceptions. A generous 50% of proceeds from the paintings sold were donated to support our efforts!

“Miracles are born beyond the perception.

The Eye Mirror is a search for experimental reality.”

– Lui Cobra.


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prales je Život II

An evening of sharing and stories to bring the Ecuadorian rainforest to life for those that have not been able to visit yet, and for those that would like to remember their experiences out there. We are lucky to have the founder of our sister organization, Bosque Medicinal, visiting to directly explain the situation and beauty of the Ecuadorian rainforests, and the cultures and life they support. We will be discussing the rainforests, Andean, Shuar, and Mayan spirituality, and the paths of natural healing.

The evening is framed as an open discussion, and we encourage you to bring questions, and share your own experiences with the jungles and nature of our planet.



Kurz intuitivní malby

Dec. 17  

Prostor 39

Prague, Czech REpublic

Meditace merkaba

Dec. 1  

Vinohrady, chopinova 1529/10

Prague, Czech REpublic

Divine practice of kundalini yoga

Dec. 1 


Prague, Czech REpublic

 Propojení s Merkabou 

Jul. 13 – 15 

Vila  Sklenářka 

Kostolec nad orlicí, Czech REpublic

A day of courses with Bosque Medicinal

Apr. 20   

Universidad de Azuay

Cuenca, Ecuador

Prales je Život

Mar. 22  

Česká zemědělská univerzita v Praze

Prague, Czech REpublic


Meeting of Friends


el paraíso, amazon rainforest

Gualaquiza, Ecuador

First international expedition


El paraíso, Amazon Rainforest

Gualaquiza, Ecuador

2016 @ the Chemistry Gallery

The event that started it all! Driven by a need to help our planet, to begin to care for it more deeply, our founder, Petra, organized her friends and fellow artists to use the talents and gifts they had to provide funding for our sister project, Bosque Medicinal.

A runaway success, was featured in local media and television. Riding the waves of this success, we organized ourselves as an NGO focused on healing the self and caring for the rainforests of our planet. took place September 17th, 2016 at The Chemistry Gallery in Prague. The day was filled with various activities and discussions to learn about the rainforest, along with the opportunity to bid on art created for the event, including tattoos from world-renowned tattoo artists.