Prales je Život

The forest is life and without its existence … … I can no longer exist either

During this gathering we will be sharing the stories of the forests Bosque Medicinal has sworn to protect, those of the Amazon rainforest. By sharing the stories of the forests, we hope to inspire fascination for the vast and previous biodiversity of the Amazon rainforest. It truly is a foundational sanctuary for life on our planet, Earth. The Amazon provides us with powerful natural remedies and medications, supplies us with fresh drinking water, and constantly produces precious oxygen for the entire planet – including you and me.

We protect what remains of the forest from unwelcome human development and large corporate interest. We plant new trees, create space for life to return, and provide education for all ages, children and adults welcome. We seek guidance towards the path of true self-sufficiency and learn to be responsible for ourselves. Understanding today’s modern macro world is confusing, with many detrimental and antiquated ideas furthering our misunderstanding of the self, our societies, cultures, and species. The path towards comprehension begins with understanding yourself, your inner worlds. Using wisdom that has been kept alive by cultures of the rainforests, we help each individual explore their worlds, and find the connections to our greater existence, as a species, and as a planet. We seek more compassionate and sustainable ways of living one’s life, as it is no longer acceptable to live at the expense and detriment of another. We can only begin living a full life once we cure ourselves of the illusion of separation and pain, becoming whole once again.


We will introduce the Bosque Medicinal project, taking you on a journey to the heart of Ecuador, into the jungles, to meet indigenous cultures, and see the land where Bosque Medicinal operates. Those of us that have visited this magical land, where the unbelievable manifests as truth, will share our experiences with you in the form of an open discussion. We will discuss the rainforest, mountain masses, shamanic spirituality, and the paths of native healers. We will briefly introduce their healing techniques and medicinal plants. We will share perspective in the form of stories, photos, and a short video.

Not to be forgotten, vegan and vegetarian snacks will be on-hand to keep us energized.

Closing the evening, we invite you to join us by playing and singing traditional Ecuadorian songs. Many have been translated to Czech and English to make it easier to join in. Throughout the event, you will have the opportunity to be introduced to other projects working to bring us the wisdom and forgotten knowledge from the indigenous cultures of Latin and Central America.
You will also be able to purchase artisanal gifts brought from the heart of the Amazon, including jewelry hand-crafted by the indigenous populations, various essential herbs, and other surprises.