Forest.Ink is a fundraising foundation that is dedicated to supporting the new world paradigm. We connect traditions, communities and organizations that work towards building a healthier and happier world.

By investing in the construction of educational facilities, rainforest preservation projects (e.g, Bosque Medicinal) and other necessary programs, we hope to encourage the reconnection to the importance of nature.

Our understanding is that what begins in the self will manifest in the entire universe around. Collaboration and participation are the necessary ways to facilitate lasting change for a more conscious life, for realizing the self and for attaining our dreams.

Aims of project:

  1. Purchase the land
  2. Building a refugee – “refugio”
  3. Establishment of a botanical garden 

The project of establishing the botanical garden El Bosque Medicinal will focus on collecting Amazon plants and trees which are used in traditional natural medicine, traditional art, traditional architecture and crafts. Future visitors will become acquainted with these plants, they will get to know the environment in which the plants grow, possibilities of their utilization, their medicinal effects and traditional methods of their use.


  1. Establishment of tree and plant seedlings nursery and Forest protection
  2. Conservation of biodiversity: plants and animals
  3. Reforestation of “el Paraiso’s” neighboring deforested areas

The nursery of tree and plant seedlings will help to reforest deforested areas and to support other environmental projects. Tree seedlings and various plant species will be used mainly by ecological projects in recovery of damaged ecosystems.


  1. Educational system
  2. Support of local communities

Project’s educational system is not only dedicated to students of vocational subjects (such as zoology, botany, herbalism or environmental protection), its purpose is to teach children and adults about the importance and necessity of forest ecosystems. It aims to access alternative forms of learning about nature on site or in the surrounding areas.


  1. Promotion and cooperation with the Runahorco Reserve management
  2. Supporting Ecotourism   



The main purpose of the association is:

(a) the protection of nature and the countryside and the environment and the promotion of sustainable development principles,

(b) the acquisition of immovable property in the ownership or use of property of significance for the protection of nature and the environment in order to preserve and restore and implement the activities of the association,

(c) information on the importance of preserving the biodiversity of the Amazon rain forests and their significance for life on earth,

(d) sharing knowledge and experience in the field of nature protection and the environment and sustainable development,

(e) education of children and adults on the importance and necessity of forest ecosystems,

(f) promoting afforestation of deforested areas of importance for nature and the environment and for the restoration of damaged ecosystems,

(g) promoting conservation of the biodiversity of plants and animals,

(h) the protection and promotion of the human rights of indigenous peoples living in the Amazon rain forest,

(i) support and cooperation with local communities and their involvement in nature conservation and environmental and sustainable development projects and the promotion and protection of their traditional lifestyles,

(j) promoting ecotourism development,

(k) support for the construction and construction of information and training centers and facilities aimed at the fulfillment of the above-mentioned purposes of the Society.


The Association is mainly developing this main activity:

a) promotion of the activities of the association,

(b) education and awareness-raising activities in the fields of nature conservation and the environment and sustainable development,

(c) the acquisition and provision of financial donations to partners and partner organizations that, through their activities, fulfill the purpose of the association,

(d) organizing seminars, lectures and conferences,

(e) the organization of campaigns, petitions and public debates,

(f) the dissemination of environmental values ​​through education, education and awareness raising,

(g) organizing and organizing trips to the Amazon rainforest in order to develop ecotourism,

(h) practical cooperation with other actors at national and international level,

(i) coordination of volunteering aimed at achieving the purpose of the association,

(j) submission of complaints, complaints and other submissions to the competent authorities in matters relating to the subject matter of the Association.