We are delighted to be working with our partner organizations, Bosque Medicinal, Sklenářka and University in Azuay, Cuenca. Learn more about these wonderful organizations through the links below.


Bosque Medicinal

Bosque Medicinal is our sister organization operating out of Ecuador. Bosque Medicinal focuses on direct conservation efforts as well as education. They are partnered with la Universidad de Azuay in Cuenca, and once the forest refuge is complete, will be offering a larger range of educational activities from the edge of the rainforest.

Read an interview with Roman, one of the founders of Bosque Medicinal



Sklenářka is our partner organization, and the site of our physical location in the Czech Republic. Sklenářka is a 100 year old villa in the heart of a beautiful forest dedicated to yoga, meditation, natural healing, and education.


Universitad del Azuay en Cuenca