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“Look Hummingbird, what is happening to our beloved jungle? All the trees, animals and flowers are scared that someone very cruel will take everything from them and destroy everything they love as well as the place where they have been living ever since. You know everything as you fly around and see it all from the above… “

“Hello little Monkey, it’s a sad truth, humans have been destroying a huge part of the jungle – 14.000 square metres every year and killing all the living creatures as a result of that. And would you believe that these human beings know very well that the lungs of the planet are absolutely essential for their own existence but they continue with the destruction despite this fact. I have no idea what is going to happen with all of us. The young shaman-lady might know better,  she has the ability to work with the medicinal plants and knows how to cure human souls.”

“Yes, we have been trying to speak with these people and make them understand the immense value the rainforest represents for everyone, with the help of ancient rituals and wisdom. Some of them are listening and trying to help us. They already know how essential it is and that we can not solve such a serious situation without any help. This is one of the ways to help…”

“I love jungle, it is my home, that is why I protect it. And so do my friends who who feel the same way, despite living far away from it, and who do not want the beauty to be destroyed. Join us! Protect a little part of the rainforest by purchasing a voucher and become a patron of Bosque Medicinal.”

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Become a Bosque Medicinal Angel

Bosque Medicinal is our partner organization that runs direct conservation efforts in Ecuador, strategically purchasing land to support local conservation efforts. They also have partnered with the Universidad de Azuay of Cuenca to host education and research sessions with students and professors.

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100% Volunteer

As this is a 100% volunteer-based project, we have no overhead, allowing 100% of donations facilitated by us to go directly to the causes we support. We also sell items from Ecuador at events we attend, with all profits going towards supporting conservation efforts through Bosque Medicinal.

We appreciate and thank you for your help and support in any form you would like to share with us!

Our current focus

Funds currently acquired will be used to support Bosque Medicinal in building an educational center on the edge of the El Paraiso Reserve, a part of the  the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador. Funds will also be used to continue supporting Bosque Medicinal in strategically purchasing land around El Paraiso Reserve, expanding the conservation and preservation impact of both.

The educational center is a critical resource to further our ability to provide education and share the stories of the rainforest and it’s cultures. The educational center is ideally located, where the the limits of bus access and the raw Amazon rainforest intersect. This allows us to involve people of all ages to experience some of the Amazon rainforest, and to be a part of it’s story.

The educational center will improve our ability to offer:

  • Further research opportunities to experts and researchers locally and abroad.
  • Additional research, study, and internship programs with the Universidad de Azuay of Cuenca.
  • Community programs to engage with local schools, families, and children.

Thank you!