As this is a 100% volunteer-based project, we have no overhead, allowing 100% of donations facilitated by us to go directly to the causes we support. We also sell items from Ecuador at events we attend, with all profits going towards supporting conservation efforts through Bosque Medicinal.

Our current focus

Funds currently acquired will be used to build an educational center directly in the authentic Amazon Rainforest of El Paraiso Reserve in Ecuador. The educational center is a critical resource to further our ability to provide education and share the stories of the rainforest and it’s cultures. The educational center will allow us to offer further research opportunities to experts locally and abroad. Furthermore, it will enable us to host more programs with the Universidad de Azuay of Cuenca, expanding research and study options available to students and professors. Finally, it will enable us to host community programs, so that we may engage in education with local schools, families, and children.

We have already broken ground! The location of the educational center is ideal, located at the edge of bus access, and right at the beginning of the raw Amazon rainforest. This will allow us to involve people of all ages to experience at least some of the Amazon rainforest, and to be a part of it’s story.

Funds will also be used to continue supporting Bosque Medicinal in strategically purchasing land around El Paraiso Reserve, expanding the conservation and preservation impact of both. Help us complete the project by donating below.



We appreciate and thank you for your help and support in any form you would like to share with us!

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Support runs community workshops and local events to demonstrate healthy and sustainable lifestyles, in tune with our world and ourselves.

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Bosque Medicinal runs direct conservation efforts in Ecuador, strategically purchasing land to support local conservation efforts. They also have partnered with the Universidad de Azuay of Cuenca to host education and research sessions with students and professors.

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